Yomei Jones

Project manager


Diploma of Project Management, University of Newcastle, 2012; Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Charles Darwin University, 2010; Certificate IV in Education Support, Charles Darwin University, 2006


Darwin Ė Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital campus


Yomei has a background in education and project management. She is the project manager for the Let’s Start Parent-Child program, investigating the effects of the parenting intervention in a number of remote communities.

Yomei’s role involves the managing and co-ordination of the project across a number of remote communities in the Northern Territory, as well as an adaption of the model in the Torres Strait Islands. She manages operations, contracts and reporting while playing a leading role in engaging with communities, community partners and government.

Yomei has a particular interest in Indigenous capacity and mentoring and is involved in Menzies’ Indigenous mentoring program. She values mechanisms for positive change at the community, organisational and policy levels, and endeavors to incorporate these processes into her work.

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