Olivia Fox

CRISP Project Coordinator


Master of Global Health, University of Sydney, 2020; Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition, University of Wollongong, 2017


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital


Olivia has a background in public health nutrition and global health. She has worked in clinical research across major hospitals in Sydney where she investigated quality of life and surgical outcomes for pelvic cancer. She has also worked in the research space of women, children and their families.

She joins Menzies in Darwin as the CRISP Project Coordinator, investigating cardiovascular risk factors in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations. She has an interest in chronic conditions, child health, nutrition and equity. 

Olivia published her Master of Global Health dissertation on the prevalence of anaemia risk factors in children aged 1-3 years in Aceh, Indonesia. 

Olivia is currently studying her Master of Dietetics at Charles Darwin University.

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