Dr Hannah O'Farrell

Research Fellow


BSc, University of Queensland, 2015; BSc (Hons), University of Queensland, 2016; PhD, University of Queensland, 2021


Brisbane – Centre for Children’s Health Research


Dr Hannah O’Farrell is an early career researcher working as a post-doctoral scientist employed by the Menzies School of Health Research. She was awarded her PhD in November 2021, in which she investigated the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic potential of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in COPD and lung cancer in adults. Hannah was the first to demonstrate the biomarker potential of plasma EV miRNAs in discriminating patients with lung cancer from healthy smokers, healthy controls and patients with COPD, as well as compare the toxicity of e-cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes in airway epithelium from patients with COPD.

Hannah has contributed to the field of molecular biomarkers by utilising cutting-edge technologies in respiratory disease (the use of EVs and the bioactive cargo they contain) in order to better understand the links between microbiota and lung disease initiation, as well as identify novel disease biomarkers.

As an early career researcher with a unique skill-set, combining laboratory molecular biology skills and linked clinical work, Hannah is now applying her technological expertise to paediatric lung disease.

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