Dr Elizabeth Barr

Research fellow


PhD, Monash University, 2009; Master of Public Health, University of New South Wales, 2003; Graduate Diploma in Podiatry, La Trobe University, 1996; Bachelor of Podiatry, La Trobe University, 1993.




Dr Elizabeth Barr is currently a National Health and Medical Research Council post-doctoral fellow and holds a research fellow position at the Menzies School of Health Research. Her research focuses on the contribution of hyperglycaemia, diabetes and related risk factors to premature mortality and cardiovascular disease, including the impact of ethnicity on these relationships. Her research expertise is in epidemiology, specifically survival analyses, data linkage, follow-up of large cohorts and the adjudication of cardiovascular disease outcomes.

In the last seven years, Dr Barr has published a book chapter and 22 peer-reviewed journal articles. She has published in prestigious journals in the fields of general medicine, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, including a publication in each of the New England Journal of Medicine and the British Medical Journal, two publications in Circulation, four in Diabetes Care and three in Diabetologia. Her work has been cited 787 times, and she has an overall H Index of 13. Dr Barr has presented at both national and international meetings and has published 21 conference abstracts. Dr Barr has obtained A$307,000 in competitive research grants and scholarship funding. 

Research Themes
  • DRUID follow-up study
  • Australian, diabetes obesity and lifestyle study (AusDiab)
  • A comparison of trends of type 2 diabetes mellitus prevalence in Singapore, Mauritius and China.
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