The Menzies School of Health Research Act has been updated. Please click here to view the new Act as in force at 17 October 2016. 

  1. Mr Peter Plummer

    Mr Peter Plummer


  2. Ms Donna Ah Chee

    Ms Donna Ah Chee

    Deputy chair

  3. Professor Alan Cass

    Professor Alan Cass

  4. Mr Ken Davies

    Mr Ken Davies

  5. Mr Rowan Johnston

    Mr Rowan Johnston

  6. Professor Simon Maddocks

    Professor Simon Maddocks

  7. Mr Trevor Riley

    Mr Trevor Riley

  8. Mr Richard Ryan AO

    Mr Richard Ryan AO

  9. Professor Catherine Stoddart

    Professor Catherine Stoddart

  10. Ms Ros Moriarty

    Ms Ros Moriarty