Dr Greg Leach

Honorary fellow


PhD (Botany), La Trobe University, 1982; Bachelor of Science Honours (1st Class), La Trobe University, 1974; Bachelor of Science (Botany/Zoology), La Trobe University, 1971.

Approved level of HDR supervision at Charles Darwin University:

Associate Supervisor for PhD


Darwin Royal Darwin Hospital


Greg Leach has a PhD in botany and has worked across northern and central Australia and Papua New Guinea in many facets of wildlife conservation, specialising in plant taxonomy and ecology of tropical flora, botanical survey, threatened species management, traditional plant use and sustainable wildlife use.

During 25 years with the Parks & Wildlife Service of the NT he managed the NT Herbarium and the Darwin Botanic Gardens. Most recently he was the CEO of Greening Australia NT and chair of the Board of the Australian Tropical Herbarium at the Cairns campus of JCU.

He has a particular interest in plant species that are threatened by activities such as habitat destruction, development or trade. Since 1997 he has worked as a plant expert representing the Oceania Region with the UN Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). A particular focus has been the determining of safe harvest limits for perennial plants.

Greg is also a University Fellow at the Research Institute for Environment and Livelihoods at Charles Darwin University.

In addition to his involvement in the medicinal plant project he continues with plant taxonomic research at the NT Herbarium. 

Dr Greg Leach
Research Themes
  • Australian Indigenous Medicinal Plants
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