Dr Yitayal Anteneh

Research Officer


PhD Medical Biotechnology, Flinders University, Australia, 2020; MSC Medical Microbiology, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 2010; BSC Medical Laboratory Technology, Jimma University, Ethiopia, 2005


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital campus


Yitayal is a Medical Biotechnologist and Microbiologist with vast health and applied microbiology research experience.

For more than a decade, he worked at the University of Gondar and Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia from the level of Graduate Assistant to Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Microbiology.

During this time, he participated in teaching of Microbiology for Health Sciences and medical students, teaching material preparation, curriculum review and development, health and applied microbiology research and community services.

He also served as a member of the ethical review and educational quality assurance committee and supervised several graduate and postgraduate students of Medical Microbiology and Laboratory Sciences.

His research interests are antimicrobial resistance, host-pathogen interaction, discovery of new drugs and diagnostic methods for hard-to-treat infectious disease and use of phage as alternative to common antimicrobials. His recent PhD research applied advanced biotechnological methods for isolation of bacteria from marine environments and utilisation of these bacteria for the discovery of antimicrobial drugs effective against human pathogens, including MRSA.

In 2022, he commenced at Menzies to work on a range of projects including: novel diagnostic tools for management of chronic wet cough in children, interaction among nasopharyngeal bacteria, and discovery and characterisation of novel bacteriophages as therapeutics for otitis media.

  • Novel diagnostic tools for management of chronic wet cough in Children
  • Discovery and characterisation of Novel Bacteriophages as Therapeutics for Otitis Media in Indigenous Children
  • Interaction among nasopharyngeal bacteria
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