Associate Professor Oyelola Adegboye

Principal Research Fellow, Biostatistics


PhD (Statistics), University of the Western Cape, South Africa; Chartered Statistician, Royal Statistical Society, London; MSc Biostatistics, Hasselt University, Belgium; Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Nigeria; MSc Statistics, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital


Associate Professor Oyelola Adegboye, an experienced public health researcher and chartered biostatistician, is a Principal Research Fellow, Biostatistics at Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, Australia.

A/Prof Adegboye completed his MSc in biostatistics at Hasselt University, Belgium, followed by a PhD at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. He was a clinical research biostatistician at the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine and a senior biostatistics lecturer in public health and tropical medicine at the James Cook University College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences in Townsville, Australia. A/Prof Adegboye has strong scholarly interests in biostatistics and research design/methods, spatial epidemiology, exposure science, neglected tropical diseases, non-communicable disease, global health and one health paradigm.

A/Prof Adegboye's growing recognition of statistical/mathematical modelling expertise was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when his innovative modelling approaches were applied to the Global and Australian COVID-19 knowledge bases. The outputs from these COVID-19-related publications have been cited over 1200 times and have been used as a strategic body of evidence in national and international governmental policy documents, such as the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s “The first year of COVID-19 in Australia: direct and indirect health effects” the EU’s Policy document “Improving pandemic preparedness and management”; the Nordic States’ “Geography of Economic Recovery Strategies in Nordic Countries”; and The Netherlands Scientific Council’s Policy Brief on “Navigating and anticipating in uncertain times.”

A/Prof Adegboye has published over 120 peer-reviewed papers and serves as associate editor and editorial board member of multiple international journals.

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