Associate Professor Alexandra Edelman

Research and Program Lead – Health Systems


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), James Cook University, 2021,; Master of Public Health (MPH), James Cook University, 2019,; Graduate Diploma of Legal Studies, James Cook University, 2012,; Bachelor of Public Policy and Management with Honours, The University of Melbourne, 2010,; Bachelor of Arts (Development Studies), The University of Melbourne, 2010




Associate Professor Alex Edelman is the Research and Program Lead for the Centre for Health and Other Complex Systems Research. 

Alex is a health policy and systems researcher, project manager and policy practitioner. Her work spans the areas of knowledge mobilisation and research impact, learning health systems, comprehensive primary health care (PHC), population health, rural and remote health service delivery, and health system governance. 

With a background in the Kimberley region in Western Australia and nearly fifteen years living and working in northern Queensland, Alex’s current work in the Northern Territory is framed by a broader focus on improving health systems and outcomes for regional, rural, and remote populations across northern Australia. 

Internationally, Alex works closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research and is an expert consultant in the PHC Reforms Consultancy Pool with the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific. 

Alex has a keen interest in supporting and enabling early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) to develop their careers and work in partnership with industry (including health service and policy) partners. Her EMCR advocacy and support activities have included representation of EMCR issues within Research Australia, HDR supervision, and ECR mentorship.

Alex is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at James Cook University and she has been a Visiting Academic at Oxford University (2018) and a Global Voices Fellow (2015). 

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