The Centre for Child Development and Education is a transdisciplinary research centre that aims to support better outcomes in health, education and social emotional wellbeing through investigation of the contexts and influences shaping child development. Scientific consensus indicates that significant and sustained public investment in the early years is essential if important sources of disadvantage are to be reduced.

Our research:
  • Population research: rigorous research into the determinants of developmental outcomes for children and youth to reduce inter-generational disadvantage and promote the health and wellbeing of populations
  • Research to support parents, youth and children through better services and interventions in their communities. We work in the NT, across Australia and in Papua New Guinea to support development of services to promote child development and wellbeing
  • Dissemination of information and advice to communities, services, and researchers.
Policy engagement:

Our research is designed to examine the developmental, social and economic factors that affect children’s long-term health, learning and wellbeing.

  • Translation of research findings into improved public policy and programs through collaborative research in health, education, youth justice and child and family services.
  • We work with government and policy-makers to establish an evidence base to inform policy development and to ensure that research is translated into real benefit for the community.
  • We help to design frameworks for monitoring and evaluation of programs and services.
  • We develop evidence-based resources for training and implementation of programs in schools, health services and communities.