Professor Stephanie Yerkovich



PhD, University of Western Australia, 2003; MBioStats, The University of Queensland, 2015; Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Western Australia, 1995


Brisbane – Centre for Children’s Health Research


Professor Stephanie Yerkovich is the manager for the Australian Bronchiectasis Centre of Research Excellence especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children (AusBREATHE). She is a scientist and statistician and combines these skills to improve child health outcomes through laboratory-based research.

Stephanie manages the AusBREATHE CRE which brings together collaborators from across Australia and aims to prevent, improve diagnosis and knowledge, and the better management of bronchiectasis in children. She has previously established the laboratory-based research programs and has overseen the day to day running for two active laboratories. Her work has described inflammatory markers and host defence systems in paediatric and adult respiratory disease, and post-lung transplant, to better understand the role of immunity in the pathogenesis of disease. She is currently establishing a laboratory program in Brisbane to complement the clinical studies occurring within Menzies.

Her research includes multiple large, NHMRC and MRFF-funded multi-centre randomized controlled trials and observational studies where she provides statistical support. Stephanie has a passion for mentoring the next generation of scientist and supporting researchers in their data analysis across a broad range of studies.

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