Karen Hobday



PhD, Menzies School of Health Research, 2020; Master of Public Health, University of New South Wales, 2008; Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Toronto, 2005

Research Topic:

The prevention of post-partum haemorrhage in Mozambique


Darwin - Charles Darwin University campus


Karen has extensive experience working in the field of global health in project management and academic roles, in various countries including South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan. She has worked for the World Health Organization’s Health Emergency and Outbreak Unit in Geneva, Switzerland. Karen has undertaken research in Mozambique, Zambia, East Timor and the Pacific Region in the areas of HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, health promotion and health seeking behaviour. Karen has also worked in Remote Primary Health Care at the Northern Territory Department of Health.

Karen has recently completed her PhD at the Menzies School of Health Research in global maternal health focusing on the prevention of post-partum haemorrhage in Mozambique. She is interested in both humanitarian aid and sustainable development projects that improve health outcomes. She is passionate about sexual and reproductive health, human rights and social justice.

Karen lectures in Health Promotion and Sexual and Reproductive Health and jointly teaches Public Health and Health Policy alongside Mascha Friderichs for Menzies’ Masters of Public Health.

Research Themes
  • Global and tropical health
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Inequities
  • Social justice
  • Human rights
  • Humanitarian crises
  • Indigenous health
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