Dr Joanne Howes

Research Program Manager – Centre for Research Excellence in Ear and Hearing Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children


PhD, University of Southampton, UK, 2007; Bachelor of Science, University of Southampton, UK, 2003


Darwin – Royal Darwin Hospital


Dr Joanne Howes is the research program manager for the Centre for Research Excellence in Ear and Hearing Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children based at Menzies in Darwin. In this position Joanne is responsible for the administrative support of the Leadership Group; grants management; budgets and accounts; research promotion through websites and social media; annual reports and other publications; and managing events.

After obtaining her PhD on the “Impact of Maternal Diet on Vascular Function in the Offspring” she worked as an National Institute for Health Research Postdoctoral Research Fellow before moving into the research management field. She has previously held positions at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, UK and the Hunter Medical Research Institute in Newcastle, NSW.

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All publications are under maiden name of Rodford