Dr Zhiqiang Wang

Senior Biostatistician


PhD, University of Calgary, 1997; Master of Medicine, Harbin Medical University, 1990; Bachelor of Medicine, Harbin Medical University, 1984


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital


Zhiqiang Wang is a senior biostatistician at the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin.

He has extensive experience in analysing large and complex observational datasets. As Chief Investigator A, he has completed five NHMRC projects on chronic disease epidemiology in Indigenous and international populations. To improve data analysis efficiency, he has developed various analysis techniques, including those for matching two or more groups according to multiple factors, and for assessing confounding effects in epidemiological studies.

He has collaborated with Australian and international researchers in analysing large survey datasets from U.S. (National Health Interview Survey, and NHANES), Australia (Australian Health Survey), and China (several national surveys). Using the linked mortality data to the National Health Interview Survey, and NHANES data, he has contributed to the understanding of long-term effects of obesity and diabetes on mortality in adults.

Research Themes
  • Biostatistics
  • Chronic disease epidemiology
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