Dr Shawn Ting

Senior Research Fellow


Bachelor of Veterinary Science (First Class Hons), University of Melbourne, 2012


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital campus



Dr Shawn Ting is a veterinarian with a background in public health, food safety, animal health, animal welfare and public administration.


He currently leads the animal health aspects of the Menzies Timor Leste project, focusing on developing strategies for animal health surveillance, especially for antimicrobial resistance. He has also taken on project management roles recently. Shawn continues to deepen the links between the government veterinary services of Timor-Leste and Menzies through a One Health approach.


Previously, Shawn was awarded a scholarship from the government veterinary services of Singapore and has held various positions focusing on import risk analysis and disease surveillance. He also has international experience through work with the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. 

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