Dr Prabhakar Veginadu

Research Fellow


PhD (Dentistry), La Trobe University, 2023; Master of Dental Surgery, Sri Ramachandra University, 2017; Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Dr NTR University of Health Sciences, 2011

Approved level of HDR supervision at Charles Darwin University:

Associate supervisor


Alice Springs, Northern Territory


Prabhu is a qualified dental professional and an early career researcher whose research interests primarily focus on reducing oral health disparities, particularly among vulnerable and underserved populations. His areas of research are broadly around equity in oral health outcomes, access to health care and health services research, health workforce planning, distribution and retention, and rural and remote health. He has experience in analysing large administrative and linked population health datasets using quantitative and Geographic Information Systems-based analytical methods.

His PhD examined the patterns and determinants of access to dental services by mapping geographic accessibility and supply of dental workforce relative to population’s oral health need and measuring various attributes of service utilisation. 

As a Research Fellow at Menzies, Prabhu is working across projects focused on improving oral health care and primary health care systems in rural and remote Australia.


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