Christel van den Boogaard

Continuous quality improvement coordinator


Registered Epidemiologist A, Vereniging voor Epidemiology, Netherlands, 2005; Master of Science in Public Health (Nutrition and Epidemiology), Wageningen University (The Netherlands), 2004.


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital campus


Christel’s work is mainly focused on participatory action research with effective engagement of communities in resource limited settings.

She is currently the continuous quality improvement (CQI) coordinator in Menzies Global and Tropical Health division. She supports the implementation of a CQI approach to strengthen the health system to improve contact investigation and treatment of tuberculosis in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Christel worked as an epidemiologist at Pharmo Institute in pharmaco-epidemiological research in the Netherlands after finishing her Master’s degree at Wageningen University. She liked the work but missed the adventure and being in the field and she decided to follow her passion and work in the tropics with local communities.  

Christel worked with Helen Keller International in Mozambique, managing the provincial office while implementing the nutrition and behaviour change components of the Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation-funded Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Project.

She expanded her knowledge in CQI when she started to work for Menzies in 2011 as project manager of the Good Food Systems: Good Food for All Project with the Nutrition team, funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). She coordinated and facilitated the implementation and development of a CQI approach to improve the food system in remote Indigenous communities in Australia. 

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