Dr Liam Grealy

Senior Research Officer


PhD, University of Sydney, 2013; Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), University of Sydney, 2008


Darwin – Royal Darwin Hospital


Liam Grealy is Senior Research Officer on the Healthy Home Evaluation and Monitoring project (0.6FTE). This project is focused on the Northern Territory Government’s Healthy Homes program, including new approaches to preventive repairs and maintenance work in remote housing.

Liam trained in gender and cultural studies at the University of Sydney, where he has worked in the Housing for Health Incubator (2018–). In that context, Liam’s research concerns housing and infrastructure policy in regional and remote Australia and southeast Louisiana, where he was a visiting research scholar at Louisiana State University (2018-2020).

Liam’s ongoing research draws on several collaborations. He is a founder of Infrastructural Inequalities, a member of the Affirmative Feminist Boys Studies group, and a member of the Northern Territory Climate Justice Steering Committee. Ongoing research projects also concern water and energy policy in northern and central Australia, boys and boyhood, and higher degree research supervision.

  • Healthy Homes Evaluation and Monitoring
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