Josh Hanson

Senior research fellow


PhD, Charles Darwin University, 2012; Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 2007; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of New South Wales, 1996; Bachelor of Science, 1991; Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Mahidol University, Bangkok, 2002.




After completing his general medicine and infectious diseases specialist training, Josh performed clinical malaria research in Mozambique, Bangladesh, India and Thailand and completed his PhD at Menzies in 2012.

He is interested in the pathophysiology of malaria and the clinical management of infectious diseases in the resource poor setting.

In 2013 he commenced a National Health and Medical Health Resarch Council Early Career Fellowship based in the Global Health Division at Menzies.

Research Themes
  • Pathophysiology of severe falciparum malaria
  • Optimising the clinical management of adults with severe malaria in the resource-poor setting.


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