Associate Professor Asanga Abeyaratne

Clinical Informatics Fellow, Father Frank Flynn Fellowship; Consultant Nephrologist and Specialist Physician




Royal Darwin Hospital


A/Prof Asanga Abeyaratne is a Consultant Nephrologist and general medicine physician at the Royal Darwin Hospital since 2012 and provides clinical consultations on kidney disease also in remote aboriginal communities.

He was the clinical lead for home based renal replacement therapies in the NT and was instrumental in establishing renal telehealth clinics to remote communities such as West Arnhem land, Katherine East and West, and Port Keats. He has also been involved with several clinical research trials with the Top End Health Service including NHMRC funded randomised controlled trial for Iron Infusion in Haemodialysis Study (INFERR) as an Associate Investigator, and is an investigator of the CKD Consortium that aims to evaluate CKD identification and management in primary care in three jurisdictions (NT, Tas & VIC) across Australia.

A/Prof Asanga is the clinical lead for Territory Kidney Care (TKC) and has led the development of the diagnostic algorithms for TKC. He is an honorary clinical fellow of Menzies School of Health Research and a senior lecturer at the Flinders Medical School.

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