Ms Jenny Brands

Research and translation coordinator, Centre for Primary Health Care Systems


Graduate Diploma Psychology, Monash University (underway); Bachelor of Letters (Anthropology), Deakin University, 1994; Bachelor of Arts (Journalism), Magill South Australian College of Advanced Education, 1985; Recognition of Prior Learning Assessor, Batchelor College, 1996; Quality Assurance Assessor, Batchelor College, 1996; Commercialisation Bootcamp, Australian Institute for Commercialisation, 2010;




Jenny Brands has a passion for making sure that research translates into practice and improves health outcomes.

In her role as research and development manager for the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health (CRCAH) from 2003-2009, Jenny contributed to changing the way that Indigenous health research is commissioned and developed. She helped establish the CRCAH’s Facilitated Development Approach, through which research is commissioned to address priorities identified by Indigenous, policy and practice stakeholders, and the eventual users of research are involved throughout the research process.

Her current role is running the National Indigenous Bowel Screening Pilot, the culmination of a multi-phased project aimed at increasing the participation of Indigenous Australians in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program

Jenny is also involved in other projects with a strong knowledge translation or implementation focus, particularly in Indigenous primary health care settings. Currently, these include STRIVE-Plus (which is looking at the impact of a large sexual health quality improvement project on sexual health services in the Northern Territory); the implementation of a supportive care needs assessment tool for Indigenous people (SCNAT-IP); and a project to improve the outcomes of Indigenous people with dementia.

Her recent work has focused on how to ensure the widespread and effective implementation of evidence-based programs and tools.

Jenny is an active contributor to the Menzies Indigenous cancer research group, and in 2019 co-facilitated Shaping the Future, a national workshop that applied the techniques of futures thinking to help shape strategic action by a wide range of stakeholders, to improve Indigenous cancer outcomes.

In 2015 she managed a project funded by Cancer Australia to develop Australia’s first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cancer Framework.

She also has a close involvement with Menzies’ work on Indigenous cancer, and is a chief investigator leading knowledge translation for both the DISCOVER-TT and STREP-CaCIndA partnerships.


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