Alison Laycock

PhD Candidate


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Northern Territory University, 1998; Bachelor of Education, SA College of the Arts and Education, 1980; Diploma of Teaching, SA College of the Arts and Education, 1979


Brisbane and Adelaide


Alison is a PhD Candidate in the Centre for Primary Health Care Systems, Division of Epidemiology and Health Systems. Her recently completed study is the developmental evaluation of a knowledge translation project in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care quality improvement – ‘Engaging Stakeholders in Identifying Priority Evidence-Practice Gaps and Strategies for Improvement’ (the ESP Project). 

Alison’s research goals are to improve health outcomes by understanding how to strengthen the use of evidence in healthcare policy-making and service delivery. Her research and professional interests include: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care; continuous quality improvement; knowledge translation; collaborative and applied research; evaluation; purposeful stakeholder engagement; data-driven policy and system change.

In her previous work in the health and education sectors, Alison developed practical evidence-based resources and training materials for the research and primary health care workforce, most recently in research practice, health promotion and continuous quality improvement. She was a member of the award-winning Menzies team that conducted the Sentinel Sites Evaluation of the Commonwealth Government’s Indigenous Chronic Disease Package (2010-2013).

Alison’s research has been supported by a NHMRC Postgraduate Award scholarship and the Centre of Research Excellence in Integrated Quality Improvement.

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