1. Dr Matthew Roughan

    Dr Matthew Roughan

    I found the unique perspectives offered by NT-based lecturers to be a highlight, particularly in Indigenous health. Equally, I found the content to be just as relevant when I moved back to Queensland.

  2. Victoria Thanasos

    Victoria Thanasos

    I had a really positive educational experience with Menzies – one that changed the trajectory of my career. What began as a desire to understand what public health could offer naturopathy ended up being an unexpected pathway to a career I find meaningful, challenging, rewarding and...

  3. Ruth Canty

    Ruth Canty

    I wanted to understand more about how life is for all the people who live in the Northern Territory. I concluded that public health could help me answer some of the questions I had, or at least point me in the right direction.

  4. Dr Merita Monteiro

    Dr Merita Monteiro

    I choose to study public health because I am passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities in my country, Timor-Leste.

  5. Isobel Walker

    Isobel Walker

    I choose to study public health as I wanted to have a ‘bigger picture’ understanding of health and health systems than is provided through clinical work and study.

  6. Dr Thien Thai

    Dr Thien Thai

    Why did you choose to study public health? Medicine isn’t just about treating disease, but about preventing disease and improving public health. I chose to study public health to because it is central to everything I do in medicine, from primary prevention through to...

  7. Dr Sarah Gelbart

    Dr Sarah Gelbart

    I chose Menzies because of its commitment to Indigenous health and partnership with communities across the NT, as well as the focus on the social determinants of health.

  8. Hannah Singleton

    Hannah Singleton

    "Having never studied public health before, I loved learning about the many different fields associated with public health. "

  9. Alexander Wetten

    Alexander Wetten

    "Studying public health at Menzies was such an enjoyable, challenging and enriching experience."

  10. Kelly Carleton

    Kelly Carleton

    "Studying with Menzies has enabled me to pursue an exciting career path in public health in the Northern Territory."

  11. Bupe Kyelu

    Bupe Kyelu

    "The academic support I received was exceptional. The lecturers went the extra mile to offer help to students and guide them." 

  12. Angela Sheedy

    Angela Sheedy

    "I chose to study with Menzies as they have a great research history and I have read and referred to many of the staff research publishing’s over the years."