Why did you choose to study public health?

Medicine isn’t just about treating disease, but about preventing disease and improving public health. I chose to study public health to because it is central to everything I do in medicine, from primary prevention through to understanding epidemiology of disease and biostatistics. It is one of the most useful and powerful tools a health professional can have. Public health and population health is central to medicine.

Why did you choose to study through Menzies?

Honestly, Menzies was one of the few universities that gave me the opportunity to enrol into a graduate diploma with a Bachelor’s degree after all the university offers had been completed. It was an opportunity that I didn’t expect, but one that I will be forever grateful for as it has opened up my entire career. Living in Adelaide, the online course was perfect as it allowed me study in my own time, knowing that academic support was always an email away. Secondly, I knew Menzies was the most appropriate institution to study public health, given that one of our core public health issues is Indigenous health – nowhere is this as relevant as the Northern Territory.

What qualification did you graduate from Menzies with?

I completed my Graduate Diploma of Public Health (GDPH) in 2014, and finally completed my Master of Public Health by coursework in 2020.

Have your studies with Menzies led to further study, and if so what course are you enrolled in or have you completed?

My GPA through my Bachelor of Health Sciences wasn’t high enough to allow me to get into medicine, which was always my goal. The GDPH that I completed subsequently allowed me to apply and be successful getting into medicine at Bond University. After completing my medicine degree, I enrolled in my final four units in public health at Menzies and have completed my Master of Public Health.

What were the highlights of your studies with Menzies?

Travelling to Darwin for the intensive courses was one of the main highlights – yes the lecturers were amazing, but so is the scenery and the markets! The intensives were just an excuse for me to head out to the national parks outside of Darwin, so if you’re considering going to intensives, don’t consider and just do it! Academically, the main highlight was realising the important role of public health. I was completing my Masters in 2020 in the midst of the COVID pandemic. One of the courses I was studying at the time was Disaster Emergency Management – never had there been a more relevant course at the exact right time. Add in the knowledge garnered through health policy, health systems, epidemiology and public health decision making, I could actually understand and comprehend what was going on not just in Australia at the time, but also internationally.

Has your public health qualification opened up career opportunities?

My qualification hasn’t opened up any specific career opportunities for me, however it was provided me with knowledge and skills, especially in the areas of research and biostatistics. Research is central to providing evidence-based medicine to my patients – to be able to not only perform research, but also interpret the vast amount of research and data in the literature.

What is your role/position now?

I am currently working as a Resident Medical Officer at Gold Coast University Hospital.

Please provide any extra comments below

If you are thinking of studying public health, Menzies is the place to study! Not only supportive staff who want you to succeed, but a lot of public health issues are located in the Northern Territory. There is no better institution to study core public health issues than an institution that is located in the area, and whose main focus and research revolves around local issues where differences can be made.