PHM820/PHM840 Research Project:



Students will be eligible to enrol in the PHM820/PHM840 Research Project when they have completed 80 credit points of work that includes all core units from the Master of Public Health or Master of Health Research degree, or 120 credit points of the Master of Public Health/Master of Health Research Double Degree. 

The PHM820/PHM840 Research Project is a requirement of both the Master of Public Health/Master of Health Research Double Degree and the Master of Health Research

Master of Public Health students can choose whether they complete their course with the PHM820/PHM840 Research Project or coursework units only. Master of Public Health students are advised to choose electives that will build research related skills such as Biostatistics, Research Design and Research Skills.  It is strongly advised to enrol in this unit only if you have achieved at the credit level or above (particularly in the research methodology units that will underpin your research design). Students who do not have a good understanding of the research methodology are unlikely to successfully complete this unit.

If you would like to know more about the Research Project, please contact: