Improving wellbeing through brief interventions

Health and wellbeing self management has become more accessible through the availability of apps.

The Stay Strong app developed by Menzies is a unique electronic resource for clinicians or case workers to use with clients. It was developed with culture in mind and can be adapted for different organisations to use in a range of settings.

The app takes clients through care planning steps in a visual, interactive and engaging way and has helped break down communication barriers between healthcare workers and clients.

Practitioners have given the feedback that the app is a good conversation aid. It operates on a strengths-based approach, which encourages positive engagement.

“Clients feel like they have more of a say in their care plans, and can outline their priorities – this isn’t always an easy conversation to have when you both don’t have the same first language,” said a youth worker based in the NT.

In the last year, more than 300 people based in over 20 organisations in the NT have been trained in the use of the app.

Menzies researchers are now evaluating the training to find out how the Stay Strong app is used within different settings and how organisations implement digital mental health tools.

The Stay Strong app is available for download on iTunes and the Google Play Store.