Easing diabetes stress for pregnant mothers

Natasha Paul has diabetes. While pregnant with her son Samuel, she wanted to ensure she made the best choices to avoid harm to her baby.

“Despite having a family history of diabetes, I was relatively ignorant about managing the disease.”

Awaiting Samuel’s birth, Natasha was able to regularly monitor her food intake and its impact upon her baby by taking part in Menzies NT Diabetes in Pregnancy Partnership.

Natasha learnt that she had to pick the right foods to keep blood sugar levels even.

“Simple lifestyle changes make a substantial difference to my health and the health of my baby, Samuel. I started a low-GI diet and doing regular exercise to keep my blood sugar levels under control. These changes weren’t difficult, but they had a profound impact on me. They provided the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle into the future.”

Natasha says, “It was a pleasure to be involved in the project, knowing that the research outcomes will support women in the NT to access to the right advice, care and follow-up support so they can manage this disease in pregnancy and beyond.”