Enhancing clinical care for kidney disease

In the NT, escalating rates of severe or end-stage kidney disease are devastating Aboriginal communities. Almost 1000 Aboriginal Territorians now require life-preserving dialysis three times per week.

To assist in addressing these statistics, Menzies, through respectful collaboration, has led the development of an innovative system to improve the identification and management of people with kidney disease across the NT, to slow the progression to dialysis.

Launched in April, Territory Kidney Care (TKC), is an integrated clinical information system that supports the early identification and best-practice management of people with kidney disease. The system consolidates patient information from government and non-government and primary and tertiary health services, to close the information gap and enhance clinical care.

Critically, TKC provides a means to facilitate earlier and targeted patient care without increasing the resource burden on staff. It has been designed to facilitate seamless incorporation into business as usual within the primary health service, enhancing care with minimal impact on resources.

Although TKC focuses on improved identification and management of kidney disease, it provides a platform for broader service innovation with potential expansion to other chronic conditions.

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