Boosting quality of life for kids with lung disease

“Being involved in Menzies’ studies has improved our family’s understanding of bronchiectasis. The support helps us manage our son Ben’s condition better,” says Tina, Ben’s mother.

Ben has bronchiectasis, a disease affecting the lungs whereby the breathing tubes are damaged and don’t work as well as healthy breathing tubes do.

Children with this lung sickness have a wet-sounding cough that comes and goes or stays for a long time. They have weaker lungs and can regularly get sick with bad chest infections.

Bronchiectasis is a relatively rare condition in developed countries; however many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the Northern Territory have bronchiectasis.

Ben receives regular visits from paediatric respiratory physician, Menzies’ Professor Anne Chang, as well as monthly follow-ups from nurses engaged with Professor Chang’s research trialling medications for the disease.

“Staff are always available when needed,” Tina says. They monitor Ben’s progress and give Tina treatment and management support. 

“These studies are so important. They help work out what treatment is best for children with bronchiectasis,” says Tina.