The Australian First Nations Reference Group for Child and Maternal Health is an overarching committee intended to provide high level strategic advice and advocacy on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social, cultural and health research issues, advise on research priority setting in health research, maintain an overview of current research studies and provide strategic advice regarding conduct and impact of research in participating communities and ensure that the work of the Menzies Child and Maternal Health Division is conducted in a culturally sensitive and competent manner. It s funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

The members of the reference group are:

  • Bilawara Lee, Charles Darwin University
  • Anne Chang
  • Dennis Bonney
  • Doogety Campbell
  • Kiarna Brown
  • Leann Ramsamy
  • Lesley Versteegh
  • Lorna Murakami-Gold
  • Loyla Leysley
  • Mark Mayo
  • Pirrawayingi Puruntatameri

To contact the secretariat, please email the Secretariat Mrs Lesley Versteegh at