Developmental pathways to child health and wellbeing in the NT, 2014 – 2018
This research partnership involves a collaboratively developed program of policy relevant research that utilises data-linkage analysis to investigate the population dynamics and causal pathways through which individual- and community-level factors in early life influence outcomes in key areas of policy concern. This program of research established a data repository, which was the template for the ongoing body of research supported under the CYDRP program.

Child and Youth Development Research Partnership (CYDRP), 2017-2024
This collaborative research partnership between CCDE and the NT Government supports the ongoing maintenance and development of an extensive data repository and selected research projects. Current CYDRP projects include studies on mental health and self-harm in young people and the influence of early experience of child abuse and neglect on outcomes in youth. The initial program (2017-2019) has been extended for a further five years to 2024.

Hearing Loss in Kids Study (HeLoKids), 2018-2019
The program of research utilises the linked dataset in the CYDRP data repository to describe the effects of diagnosed hearing loss on children’s life course trajectories of development into adulthood. The series of studies will report the impact of hearing loss on early child development, child abuse and neglect, school attendance, academic performance and youth offending.

Department of Territory Families grant, 2018-2022
This grant supports a body of research to inform child and youth services in the Northern Territory, with a particular focus on improving outcomes through prevention and early intervention. Current projects include a descriptive study to understand the high levels of notification for child protection services for adolescent children and understand the overlap of children in contact with child protection and youth justice services. Both of these studies will utilise the CYDRP data repository. An additional project, approved in 2019, will develop a predictive algorithm of risk for children who are a victim of abuse or neglect and subsequently come into contact with youth justice services.

Story of Our Children and Young People 
The “Story” is a report that includes regional data against key indicators of child and youth wellbeing, along with stories of positive change and cultural stories of wellbeing. The Story is developed with the support of an independent Editorial Committee. A key action out of the NT Government’s early childhood strategy, it provides a platform for tracking progress over time, with updates every two years.

Against the odds: Understanding the factors influencing wellbeing among Indigenous youth in the Northern Territory, 2019-2022
This mixed methods study, funded by the NHMRC, will explore the positive pathways for the development of NT Aboriginal youth using both the linked administrative data held within the CYDRP data repository (Stage 1) along with interviews with community and professional stakeholders including Aboriginal youth (Stage 2).