NHMRC Targeted Call for Research Grant

  • Associate Professor Stefanie Schurer, University of Sydney
  • Professor Lisa Cameron, University of Melbourne 
  • Professor Pat Dudgeon, University of Western Australia
  • Professor Steven Guthridge, Menzies 
  • Olga Havnen, Danila Dilba Health Service 
  • Dr Tanja Hirvonen, Indigenous Allied Health Australia.

For decades, researchers have tried to better understand Indigenous disadvantage by considering what is 'going wrong'. The poorer social, economic and health outcomes for Indigenous children are a common research focus. But, often things go right. Many Indigenous children live balanced, fulfilling lives, even in the presence of poverty, health problems or other risk factors.

This study aims to learn from such children, their families and their communities. Using big data, local knowledge, advanced analytical techniques and experts from a wide range of disciplines, the project aims to discover how some children beat the odds.

Information for study participants:

Part 1 of the study will utilise de-identified linked data, held in the Child and Youth Development Research Partnership (CYDRP) data repository. Part 2 will involve interviews with community members including youth.

Chief investigator:

  • Associate Professor Stefanie Schurer
Project manager:
Contact information:

For further information, please email.

Project dates:

The project commenced in 2018 and will conclude in 2022.