Early brain development and its implications for child protection and youth justice

Video presentation now available here.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Sven Silburn

Decades of research and experience tell us that early childhood is a time of both great promise and considerable risk. The emerging science of epigenetics is offering exciting new insights into the way personal experiences and environmental exposures become embedded biologically – i.e. how adversity literally ‘gets under the skin’. The development of improved policies and services for all children will have particular relevance to reducing the numbers of NT children having contact with the child protection and juvenile justice system.

About the Child Health and Development series
The Menzies Centre for Child Development and Education is pleased to present a series of seminars on the implications of current neuro-developmental research about the impact of early experience on brain development, emotional regulation and learning.
This is relevant for practice in many areas including early childhood, health, schools and child protection. The seminar format will allow ample time for discussion.

Date | Thursday April 20 from 2.30 – 3.30 pm (tea and coffee afterwards)
Location | Seminar Room 1.48 Red 9 Building – Charles Darwin University