Human Research Ethics Committee of the NT Departments of Health and Menzies School of Health Research

Application closing dates and meeting dates 2023

  • For all researchers: Please notify two to three  weeks before the submission date if you intend to lodge an application (Title of study and name of Principal Investigator)
  • If notification of intention to lodge an application has not been received at least two weeks before the submission date, the application will not be accepted and will be transferred to the next month. Please contact HREC admin for out of session options for lower risk studies.
  • For Menzies researchers only: Organisational signoff for Menzies applications should be obtained a week before the submission date. This consists of signature from the Division Head and the Director delegate (currently

NT HREC Meeting Dates 2023

Submission Closing Date
Wednesday 4pm
Qualitative Ethics Sub-Committee Meeting
Wednesday 9am
Aboriginal Ethics Sub-Committee Meeting 
Thursday 9am
Human Research Ethics Committee Meeting
Wednesday 3pm
25 January 8 February 9 February 15 February
1 March 15 March 16 March 22 March
5 April 19 April 20 April 26 April
3 May 17 May 18 May 24 May
7 June 21 June  22 June 28 June
5 July 19 July 20 July 26 July
9 August 23 August 24 August 30 August
6 September 20 September 21 September 27 September
4 October 18 October 19 October 25 October
8 November 22 November 23 November 29 November

Please note:

  • The above submission closing dates for projects to be reviewed by the full HREC are final.
  • Applicants will usually receive a formal response within 10 business days of the HREC meeting. 
  • Applications for clinical audits, case studies and negligible/low risk studies may be submitted at any time for consideration for expedited review.