Human Research Ethics Committee of the NT Departments of Health and Menzies School of Health Research

Application closing dates and meeting dates 2022

  • For all researchers: Please notify two to three weeks before the submission date if you intend to lodge an application (Title of study and name of Principal Investigator)
  • For Menzies researchers: Organisational signoff for Menzies applications should be obtained a week before the submission date. This consists of signature from the Division Head and the Director delegate (currently
Submission closing dates
Wednesday 4pm
Qualitative Ethics Sub-Committee Meeting dates
Wednesday 9am
Aboriginal Ethics Sub-Committee Meeting dates
Thursday 9am
Human Research Ethics Committee Meeting
Wednesday 3pm
2 February 16 February 17 February 23 February
2 March 16 March 17 March 23 March
30 March 13 April 14 April 20 April
4 May 18 May 19 May 25 May
1 June 15 June 16 June 22 June
29 June 13 July 14 July 20 July
3 August 17 August 18 August 254August
31 August 14 September 15 September 21 September
5 October 19 October 20 October 26 October
9 November 23 November 25 November 30 November

Please note:

  • The above submission closing dates for projects to be reviewed by the full HREC are final.
  • Applicants will usually receive a formal response within 10 business days of the HREC meeting. 
  • Applications for clinical audits, case studies and negligible/low risk studies may be submitted at any time for consideration for expedited review.