Tells the story of the National Centre for Quality Improvement in Indigenous Primary Health Care. It explains the One21Seventy CQI cycle, underpinning research and current use.

Module 2 takes approximately 30 minutes (excluding readings). 

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Learning objectives
  • To identify the mission and goals of the national centre for quality improvement in Indigenous primary health care
  • To describe the six stages of the One21Seventy CQI cycle
  • To identify the benefits of using the One21Seventy CQI cycle, tools and services
Recommended Readings
  1. Bailie, R., Si, D., O'Donoghue, L. & Dowden, M. (2007). Indigenous health: effective and sustainable health services through continuous quality improvement. The Medical Journal of Australia, 186(10), 525-527.
  2. ABCD/E Report Highlights 
  3. CQI Success Stories