Lung health for kids

This App is an interactive lung health education tool for Indigenous children/families.

The App tells the story of four common respiratory conditions, Bronchiolitis, Pneumonia, Chronic Suppurative Lung Disease/Bronchiectasis, and Asthma and will also assist primary health providers and clinicians in providing culturally-appropriate lung health education to families.

Each respiratory condition is divided into different sections, including: 

  1. about the lungs#
  2. description of the lung condition#
  3. signs and symptoms
  4. diagnosis
  5. treatment/management#
  6. prevention with a short quiz at the end of each section.

The App can be used without or with ‘voice-over’ in seven local Indigenous languages from the Northern Territory, Australia or English.

Lung health for kids
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  • Child Health Respiratory Team
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Lungs (click to see resources in this area)
Pneumonia; bronchiectasis; CSLD; bronchiolitis; asthma; Indigenous; child; Menzies; lung health
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