Chronic lung sickness (bronchiectasis)

The chronic lung sickness (bronchiectasis) flipchart provides:

  • an illustrative introduction to the anatomy of the lungs and their function in the body
  • an explanation of chronic lung sickness (bronchiectasis)
  • its signs and symptoms, causes and risk factors
  • relationship to other chronic diseases
  • implications for a healthy life.

Written in plain language for Indigenous adults and youth, the flipchart:

  • lists the tests that might be done to assess bronchiectasis
  • describes the different treatment or management options that may be prescribed, including pulmonary rehabilitation programs
  • provides information on behavioural changes that can assist lung function and diagnosis questions for self management.
Chronic lung sickness (bronchiectasis)
Resource Type
Flipchart or Presentation

Queensland Health Statewide Respiratory Clinical Network and Menzies School of Health Research

Research Area
Lungs (click to see resources in this area)
Chronic lung sickness (bronchiectasis), lungs, Indigenous health
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