• To strengthen the knowledge and skills of nutrition stakeholders in Indigenous Australian communities, Asia and the Pacific to plan and implement contextually-appropriate evidence based nutrition interventions.

The Nutrition and Food Security (NFS) course is comprised of four modules:

  • Nutrition programming and planning
  • Nutrition for infants and young children
  • Nutrition for adolescent girls and women throughout the lifecycle
  • Food security for families and communities.

The course is designed to be easily adapted using relevant data from participants’ context and case studies from the Nutrition Critical Appraisal Tool (NCAT). Using the information from each module, participants develop Action Plans to address one or more nutrition issues in their contexts, and receive support to implement these Action Plans in their workplace.

The course was piloted over 2011/2012 with a group of nutritionists from the Ministry of Health, Timor-Leste and Indigenous health and nutrition workers from remote communities in Australia. It is currently being adapted for delivery throughout Timor Leste.

Our research has found:

Monitoring and evaluation results indicate that the course improved the knowledge, skills and confidence of the pilot participants. Participants reported that they particularly enjoyed learning in a cross-cultural setting and “found it interesting to learn from each other and learn examples from different places.”

Chief investigator:
  • Heather Grieve
Project manager:
Contact information:
Project dates:

The project ran from January 2011 to December 2012.

  • AusAID
  • The Fred Hollows Foundation. 
  • Albion Street Centre
  • Boab Health Service
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Deakin University
  • Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • Fred Hollows Foundation
  • John Snow International
  • Mahidol University
  • Ministry of Health, Timor-Leste
  • Northern Territory Department of Health
  • Queensland Department of Health
  • South Asia Infant Feeding Research Network
  • Sydney University
  • World Food Programme
  • World Health Organisation
  • World Vision Australia.