Jodi Phillips

Training coordinator, Education and Training Team


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Charles Darwin University, 2013; Master in Human Nutrition, Deakin University, 1994; Bachelor of Science, Deakin University, 1992.


Darwin - Charles Darwin University campus


Jodi has worked for government and non-government organisations developing, implementing and evaluating programs to address food security and nutrition in a wide variety of settings for 20 years.  

Jodi joined the Global Health Division in September 2011 to coordinate the development of the Nutrition and food security - approaches to improving the health of women and children short course. This course targets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community service and health workers, and international nutrition stakeholders, with limited or no prior formal training or skills in nutrition, who are working in the field. 

In November 2013, Jodi accepted a new position of training coordinator with the Education and Training Team. In her new role, Jodi will continue her work in nutrition and food security training and mentoring. In addition, Jodi will work closely with the Indigenous Capacity Building Unit and Menzies researchers to develop effective training and mentoring programs to build on the skills of community-based researchers and to develop ongoing support networks.


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