• Diabetes Australia Research Program

This large retrospective study of over 100,000 births (36% with Aboriginal mothers) between 1986 and 2016 will investigate:

  • trends in the rates of diabetes during pregnancy and adverse birthweight over three decades,
  • associations of birthweight with long-term risk of developing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and related conditions,
  • the long-term cardiometabolic health outcomes of children exposed to maternal hyperglycaemia in-utero, and 
  • the long-term cardiometabolic health outcomes of mothers who have had gestational diabetes.

The I-HiNT study will link existing data across three Northern Territory (NT) data repositories including the:

  1. NT Perinatal Data Collection,
  2. NT Public Hospital Inpatient Activity, and
  3. NT Primary Health Care Collection.

The study will include deidentified data about mothers and babies relating to all births in the NT between 1986 and 2016. This large data-set will be used to investigate trends in the health of mothers and babies over three decades as well as the intergenerational impacts of diabetes during pregnancy.

Chief investigator:
Project manager:

For more information about the project, contact Matt Hare.

Project dates:

Project planning commenced in 2018 and is due to conclude in December 2022.