Hep B Story App

The Hep B Story App is a visual, interactive app designed for patients living with chronic hepatitis B (hep B) and their families.

It tells the story of the hep B virus, how you get it, what happens over time, how you know you have it as well as details about immunisation and treatment. It also features a separate women’s business section discussing mother to child transmission and ways to prevent it.

Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Created and translated by community members and health workers across the NT the is available in:

  • English
  • Yolŋu matha
  • Kunwinjku
  • Tiwi
  • Arrernte
  • Warlpiri
  • Pitjantjatjara
  • Burarra
  • Anindilyakwa
  • Kriol
Hep B Story App
Resource Type
Date of release
2014 (English and Yolngu matha) 2023 (Additional languages)

Associate Professor Jane Davies, Sarah Bukulatjpi  Suresh Sharma, Dr Vanessa Johnston, Cheryl Ross, Paula Binks, Professor Joshua Davis 

Research Area
Hepatitis B (click to see resources in this area)
Hep B Story App