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The Healthy Starts resource is designed to support health providers to discuss secondhand tobacco smoke and encourage families to have smoke-free homes. It was developed as part of a research project to reduce respiratory illness in Indigenous infants.

The link to the web app is available here.

You will need to have an internet connection to download this, once the file is open in safari you will need to ‘add to your home screen’ on an ipad this will be an icon in the top of your web browser in grey browser on the left hand side, on an iphone it can be found in your save options down the bottom in the grey bar. Once the file is cached on your device (leave open to download for 10mins and go through the app by swiping the pages to force the caching) you will then be able to use offline. Once you have saved your app turn your device onto flight mode to check the app – if you have any issues with the app not working it will mean it has not cached (downloaded) correctly and you will need to repeat the process above.

The link to the articulate story line app is available here.

You will need to download the ‘articulate’ app first to utilise this file, this file is different to the one above as it shows your chapters and has next/back buttons. Once you have downloaded the ‘articulate’ app then click on the related link provided above and a window will pop up in the articulate app with the image of healthy starts, it will say ‘available offline’ you will need to select this to utilise offline, then again turn your device onto flight mode to check app is working offline.

Healthy Starts apps
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The Healthy Starts Project Research Team

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Smoking (click to see resources in this area)
Smoking; secondhand smoke; infants; children; respiratory illness
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