Getting healthy before pregnancy

This flipchart has been co-designed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and an IRG to improve knowledge and understanding of preconception health and care among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. The flip chart provides a simple definition of preconception health and outlines key conditions and risk behaviours that can affect the fertility of both men and women, the health of a woman and her unborn baby during pregnancy and the future child’s health.

This flipchart is available to print or interact with electronically (with synchronized audio overlay in Aboriginal English or East-side Kriol).

Getting healthy before pregnancy
Getting healthy before pregnancy
Resource Type
Flipchart or Presentation
  • Emily Gilbert
  • Raelene Collins
  • Vanya Webster
  • Nicole Boyd
  • Louise Maple-Brown
  • Jacqueline Boyle
  • Heidi Smith-Vaughan
Research Area
Parenting (click to see resources in this area)
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