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The Child and Youth Development Research Partnership (CYDRP) is a research partnership between the NT Government and the CCDE. The aim of the partnership is to support research and evaluation that informs child and youth wellbeing.

At the heart of the partnership, is a repository of de-identified, linked data about NT children and young people, born from 1994 onwards. The CYDRP data repository was refreshed in 2017 and the current version (Extract 2) contains information on 80 000 children and young people across 14 datasets including those in health, education, child protection, and youth justice. Data linkage for the repository is undertaken by SA NT DataLink, which is a dedicated research linkage facility.

Preparations are in progress for a refresh of the repository (Extract 3) which will push back the earliest data to 1986 and expand the collection to 24 datasets. Extract 3 should be available by June 2020. The Partnership supports the ongoing management of the CYDRP data repository by CCDE, as well as priority projects within the partnership.

The partnership also encourages research by other parties, where the research is consistent with the approved use of the repository.

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The project commenced in January 2017 and will conclude on 31 December 2024.