• To produce practical and locally relevant information that health centres can use to improve health promotion service delivery.   
  • To develop and implement processes that will assess the quality of services they deliver to promote health and prevent chronic disease.

Working collaboratively with health centre staff in four Top End Indigenous Primary Health Care Centres, this project is trialing a model for continuous quality improvement using a similar approach to that used in the ABCD (Audit and Best Practice for Chronic Disease) Project.

National policy documents and strategic frameworks have outlined the important role Indigenous health centres play in delivering comprehensive primary health care. To date, most performance measurement and quality improvement have been primarily directed at clinical services. Relatively little attention has been paid to health promotion.

Implications for policy and practice:

This research will make important contributions to our understanding of the use and effectiveness of quality improvement processes in health promotion. 

Project manager:
  • Nikki Percival
  • Top End Indigenous Primary Health Care Centres.