The Northern Territory (NT) Community Benefit Fund (CBF) approached Menzies School of Health Research to carry out a Gambling Prevalence Survey. The last gambling related survey in the NT was carried out in 2005 and since this time there have been significant demographic, social, political and economic changes. The 2005 survey found that the prevalence of problem gambling was around 1 per cent of the adult population, and not so different from other jurisdictions around Australia (Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence Survey, 2005). The previous survey collected information on gambling participation in different types of activities, problem gambling, opinions on gambling, and standard demographic and socioeconomic information. In line with current thinking around gambling policy, the 2015 survey had a public health focus and in addition to collecting information on gambling participation and problem gambling, also collected a range of health, social and emotional wellbeing indicators.

The survey will include a sample of mobile and landline telephones, and was carried out in October and November 2015. Roy Morgan Research has been contracted by Menzies to do the telephone interviewing, who were the same company to conduct the 2005 survey. The survey will collect information on gambling frequency in various activities, highest spend activity, problem gambling, knowledge of gambling policy and whether affected gambling patterns, exposure to gambling problems, how people experience their gambling, the types of problems they have experienced, exposure to negative life events, alcohol problems, smoking status and self-reported health.

The results were reported back to the CBF throughout 2016 and 2017, with headline indicator reports disseminated to a range of stakeholders, and made available on the Menzies and Northern Territory Government Department of Business websites.

Participant information sheet available here:

For further information you can email the Project Manager Matt Stevens, or telephone 08 8946 8524.

Gambling helpline: 1800 858 858 (freecall)

The final report for the 2015 survey can be found here: