The aim of the Resilient Youth Program is to develop and evaluate programs and resources to promote social-emotional development youth, to build resilience and wellbeing and to prevent self-harm, antisocial behaviour and other adverse outcomes. Our focus is work with youth in diverse contexts, from towns to very remote Aboriginal communities. In our work, we recognise that there are few resources that are culturally and socially appropriate for the NT context, and that there is very little evidence for the effectiveness of programs and interventions developed elsewhere in Australia or overseas.

Our research uses exploratory ethnographic and formal mixed methods including collaborative projects based on principles of participatory action research. We have worked together with knowledgeable elders, parents and members of communities, experienced educators, youth workers and other practitioners to develop and pilot social-emotional programs for youth in remote settings. Our preventative programs aim to strengthen young peoples’ social and emotional skills to help young people cope, make positive life choices and avoid self-destructive behaviours.