Dr Vincent Yaofeng He

Senior Research Officer


PhD (Biostatistics and Epidemiology), Charles Darwin University, 2016 Bachelor (Honours) in Mathematical Sciences (Statistics), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2012

Approved level of HDR supervision at Charles Darwin University:

Associate supervisor for PhD and masters students


Darwin Bldg Red 9, Charles Darwin University, Casuarina campus


Vincent is a statistician with diverse experience in the research fields of mental health, Indigenous health, demography, early childhood development, school education, child protection and juvenile delinquency. 

In 2016, Vincent completed a PhD study which used data-linkage and survival analysis to investigate the long-term health outcomes of NT Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians (mentored by Professor John Condon). He then joined the Centre of Child Development and Education to work on the data-linkage project which investigated the early health, developmental and educational outcomes of NT children. In Menzies’ submission to the NT Royal Commission, together with Professors Sven Silburn and Steven Guthridge, Vincent produced the statistical reports which investigated NT children’s and youth’s contact with the NT child protection and youth justice systems.

Prior to his current research, Vincent worked on a Menzies project that develop a culturally appropriate tool to identify the support needs of Indigenous cancer patients (http://www.scnatip.org).

Previously, Vincent was at Singapore Institute of Mental Health, where he took lead responsibility for the statistical analysis for a nation-wide epidemiological study on the mental health status of the national population. 

His current research focuses on using data-linkage to inform a public health approach to child protection and youth justice in the NT.


  • Child and Youth Development Research Partnership (CYDRP)
  • Linking NT and Australian Government data to improve child development outcomes (LiNTAG) 
  • Improving the developmental outcomes of Northern Territory children: a data-linkage study to inform policy and practice in health, family services and education
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