Dr Jutta Marfurt

Senior research fellow


PhD (Epidemiology), Master of Science (Epidemiology), University of Basel, 2006; Master of Science (Control of Infectious Diseases), University of London, 2002; Postgraduate diploma (Infectious Diseases), University of London, 2000; Bachelor of Science (Medical Parasitology), University of Basel, 1990.

Approved level of HDR supervision at Charles Darwin University:

Principal Supervisor for PhD


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital campus


Jutta is a molecular parasitologist with postgraduate qualifications in epidemiology and public health, with an adjunct academic appointment at Charles Darwin University.

Jutta’s main interests are the development and validation of novel tools and strategies to improve diagnosis and surveillance of infectious diseases. Jutta’s previous expertise includes the development and validation of novel diagnostic tools for amoebiasis and leishmaniasis, the study of innate and adaptive immune mechanisms in autoimmune diseases and malaria, and the investigation of novel approaches for the monitoring of drug resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria.

During the course of her career she has gained extensive technical and field work experience in Tanzania, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, becoming an expert in ex vivo characterisation and molecular studies of drug resistant Plasmodium species.

Jutta is committed to undertake research in the field of malaria biology with the goal of enhancing the scientific understanding of drug resistant malaria. Current research activities focus on facilitating the development and optimisation of novel tools for the monitoring of parasite resistance that will ultimately inform the decision on anti-malarial treatment policy.


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