Christine Wigger

Clinical trials coordinator


Master of Public Health, Charles Darwin University, 2008; Midwifery Postgraduate Certificate, Royal Darwin Hospital, 1997; Registered Nurse certificate, Preston & Northcote Community Hospital, 1992.


Darwin Royal Darwin Hospital


Christine Wigger is a clinical trial coordinator who is passionate about child wellbeing and particularly, their ear and hearing health. Christine has been working with the ear team of  Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin for 15 years. 

Her research experience includes clinical trial development, governance, public health and health promotion, training and education in clinical ear diagnostics, as well as oodles of ‘on‐the‐ground’ field work including data collection and all important community engagement to ensure the research is appropriate, acceptable and valuable to the individuals and communities who contribute.

Christine's passion for the Northern Territory and its people spans 25 years, where she has worked as a registered nurse, remote area nurse and midwife prior to embarking on her very fulfilling and challenging role as an ear health researcher.





Research Themes
  1. Australian Doctor - otitis media clinical trial

    Australian Doctor - otitis media clinical trial


    Otitis Media - a clinical trial where Indigenous infants will receive an extra dose of pneumococcal vaccine to try and cut down the rates of incidence.

  2. ABC TV Back Roads program features Christine Wigger

    ABC TV Back Roads program features Christine Wigger


    Christine Wigger has been researching otitis media in the Tiwi Islands over 15 years.